Plumbing installation



When it comes to installations we have a wealth of experience. Our Safe engineers are experts at installing any part or all of a central heating and hot water system. This includes boilers, radiators, cylinders and room thermostats etc. Not to mention cookers and hobs.
Our plumbers will take care of everything for the kitchen and bathroom such as taps and sinks, washing machines and dish washers, fridges and steam ovens. Then there are showers, toilets, basins and baths. There is also a team who specialize in full bathroom refurbishments.

Clove's Plumbing and Heating services are fast and efficient which saves our clients time and money. We are a state certified plumbing contractor with the skills to fix any plumbing problem. Let us start solving your plumbing issues today. Our website gives more information about our plumbing services. If you would like to schedule an estimate please contact us today. We look forward to working with you.


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